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The Pilates Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Jump Board are specialized studio equipment that enhances traditional Pilates movements through controlled resistance from adjustable springs that challenge the muscles, improve flexibility, and promote balance and stability. With the help of our instructors, all of our pilates equipment classes encourage proper alignment, improve core stability, and maintain full-body engagement for a comprehensive and effective fitness experience.



Private instruction sessions offer the quintessential Pilates experience, uniquely crafted to align with your individual goals. You'll have full access to our array of studio apparatus, including the Reformer, EXO chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, and Spine Corrector. During these one-on-one sessions, your instructor can closely observe your movements and flexibly to create a personalized program tailored to your specific needs. This customized approach ensures you'll achieve profound results in the shortest period of time.


At Kiki Pilates, we believe in the transformative power of Pilates.

    We're dedicated to creating a supportive community where all ages and fitness levels can rediscover their strength and flexibility, cultivate self-confidence, and find balance in their body.  With personalized instruction, a focus on mind-body connection, and a lot of fun, we aim to foster a passion for movement and empower positive change.

Our studio is a place where you can strengthen your body, embrace challenge, and feel fabulous!

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Kiki Hanson, owner of Kiki Pilates, is an expert Pilates instructor with over two decades of teaching experience. She discovered her passion for Pilates while serving as the Group Exercise and Wellness Director at a top fitness center. Kiki firmly believes in the effectiveness of classical Pilates, which emphasizes discipline and consistency to prevent injuries, achieve whole-body fitness, improve posture and muscular balance, enhance mental concentration, and optimize breathing efficiency while simultaneously lengthening and strengthening muscles.


Kiki holds various certifications, including a 200-hour Yoga certification, Les Mills certifications in Body Pump, RPM, Combat, and CXWorx, TRX suspension training, and she's a certified BAREFOOT specialist. Kiki's dynamic presence, extensive experience, and commitment to her clients make her the ultimate mentor for achieving fitness goals through Pilates.

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